Theme : Coaching Future Leaders
Role Players
  • Andrew Bryant, Executive Coach, Self Leadership International Pvt. Ltd.
    Topic : Self-leadership for Coaches & Clients
  • Dr. Angela Hetherington, Director, Professional Psychology Services
    Topic - "Cascading Coaching"
  • Angelos Derlopas, Managing Partner, Positivity Coaching
    Topic - "Producing a sustainable change meta-environment"
  • Dr. Andreas Janz, Global HR Business Partner - Merck Serono, Executive Coach - For Performance
    Topic : 'The dark side of Leadership - Why Senior Executives derail and what can be done about it'
  • Dr. Christine Porter, Head of HRM Department, Westminster Business School
    Topic : "The Managerial Gap – and how Coaching can help"
  • Elena Espinal, Business, Executive, Leadership & Team Coach, TeamPower
  • Frank Bresser, Global Coaching Expert and Coaching- Programme Corporate Consultant
    Topic - "Achieving unprecedented Business Excellence through Coaching: The new, strategic Coaching Programmes of the 2nd Generation"
  • Indrasathi Muniandy, Treasurer, ICF Malaysia
    Topic - "Result Based Coaching: Emphasis on Outcomes and KPI"
  • Jass Malaney, Executive Leadership Performance Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Acquire Global Coaching
    Topic : 'Coaching Future Generations'
  • Katherine Tulpa, CEO, Association for Coaching (AC)
    Topic : 'Coaching in a Connected, Global World'
  • Kate Lanz, Founder, Lanz Executive Coaching
    Topic - The use of the psychodynamic approach in executive coaching
  • Leanne Cusumano Roque, President, CRC Consulting, Inc.
    Topic - The Presence of Spirit for the Best Coaching under the SUN
  • Reeta Nathwani, Executive Coach & Managing Director, Atom Global Consulting
    Topic : " The effectiveness of the use of the Emotional Profiles Triangle within Organizations & Executive Coaching."
  • Teri-E Belf, Director, Coach, Coach Mentor and Coach Trainer, Success Unlimited Network
    Topic - The Presence of Spirit for the Best Coaching under the SUN
  • Tom Abbott, Founder and Director, Soho Sales Coaching Pte Ltd
    Topic - '21st Century Sales Leadership: Strategies for Coaching a High Performance Sales Team'
  • Wioletta Malota, Owner, AVANTI - Szkolenia Coaching
    Topic - Competencies of Executive Coach. What should Coach know when working with CEOs