Theme : Organizational Coaching - Buiding Relationships and Programs that Drive Results
Role Players
    Ashish Patel, Managing Director & Founder Consultant, Euphoria Consulting
  • Clive Steeper, Executive & Performance Coach, AVASST Ltd.
    Topic : The Power of Recognition: Relationship, Risk and Results.
  • Darren Robson, Director of Strategy, Innovation and Partnership, Association for Coaching
    Topic : The Coaching Approach to Social Transformation – Coaches Leading the Charge
  • Declan Woods, Global Head of Standards & Accreditation, Association for Coaching
    Topic : The impact of anxiety in teams and in team coaches
  • Elfarina Zaid, Co-founder, Elf Coaching
  • Julie Starr, Founder, Starr Consulting
    Topic : Encouraging Managers to Coach
  • Katherine Tulpa, CEO, Association for Coaching (AC)
    Topic : 'CEO as Coach' - the key to unlocking performance in global teams
  • Myriam Callegarin, Global Executive Coach & Intercultural Consultant, Effective Actions
    Topic : 'Leading across cultures: Overcoming barriers in people management'
  • Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Global Executive Coach, Covisioning LLC
    Topic : The Neuroscience of Coaching: Deep Listening Skills for Creating New Awareness and Breakthrough Moments
  • Oswaldo Toscano, Co-founder, Zigma Consulting®
    Topic : "Business Coaching: Better think, better business"
  • Sue Stockdale, Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker
    Topic : "Organisational change begins with Self-Leadership"
  • Wioletta Malota, Owner, AVANTI - Szkolenia Coaching
    Topic : "How to be a good leader? Be mentor and be mentored!