Eileen Laskar

Eileen Laskar

Founder and President
CDI-Africa Coaching Group

Eileen Laskar, the first and the only Master Certified Coach (MCC) in the broader Eastern Africa region has been a pioneer in the field of professional coaching within East and Central Africa for the past 14 years. She is a coaching ambassador whose rallying call is developing heart-centred leaders, who embrace and apply the coaching philosophy to ignite and elevate human performance in all spheres of life.

As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2018, Eilen serves in the league of the top 10 highest qualified coaches in Africa and top 1000 coaches globally. Privately, Eileen is one of the most sought after coaches for C-Suite level leaders in Kenya. Eileen has invested over 5000 hours of coaching; coached over 200 clients, mostly C-Suite level organization leaders.

Eileen began her coaching journey in 2006 and founded her organization, CDI-Africa Coaching Group, now a world-class leader in the coaching industry. In 2015, through her leadership, CDI-Africa Coaching Group received global accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as the first Coach Training Organization (CTO) domiciled in Eastern Africa to receive this global status. Through her leadership, the organization has developed and offers world-class programs and services geared towards scaling the coaching impact across Africa.

Eileen aspires to have coaching accessible 360 Degrees thereby maximizing human potential across all sectors. She has trained close to 1000 leaders, in over 35 organizations, on strategic coaching skills for leaders. She has developed 4 coaching diplomas since 2015 and one advanced coaching mastery program. As the lead trainer with CDI-AFRICA Coaching Group, she celebrates having trained and certified over 300 coaches spread across 13 African Countries, USA and Europe. As a thought leader in coaching, Eileen convened the first Regional Coaching and Leadership Conference in Eastern Africa, in 2019, themed "Weaving Coaching into the tapestry of our lives" and launched the "Eileen Laskar's Coaching 360 Degrees Award" to celebrate coaches making an impact in different sectors of the society.

Before launching her coaching career, Eileen worked in various senior leadership capacities in the broader Eastern Africa region supporting various organizations in the area of strategy development, business structuring and people development for close to 10 years. This journey firmed the foundation to the leader and the entrepreneur she is today... and her journey continues.