Jyoti Pande

Counsellor / Healing Storyteller, Soul Katha

Jyoti Pande

Counsellor / Healing Storyteller
Soul Katha


Jyoti Pande is an ardent educationist and a practicing Psychologist with an experience of over 30 years in the fields of teaching and Counseling..

She holds Masters and M.Phil. in Psychology from Bhopal University,. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling from Institute of Psychotherapy and Management Studies, Mumbai and a Diploma in Guidance & Counseling from NCERT Delhi with distinction.

She is a certified teachers trainer on Happiness from ICEP Europe (Institute of Child Education and Psychology). She is also a certified Happiness & Mindfulness Coach (Berkley School of Well Being and Happitude). Jyoti has also been trained in mindfulness from Mindful School (U.K.) and is a certified educator. To deepen her practice of mindfulness, she regularly attends retreats by AHIMSA trust, conducted by monks from plum Village (ThichNhat Hanh).

Married to an Army Officer, she has been extensively involved in welfare activities for the families of defense personnel. She was heading the Counseling Cell in the Bhopal Military Station, and was instrumental in setting up a Wellness and Happiness Centre for wellbeing of army families at Bhopal.

She was part of the FEAST (Federation of Asian storytellers) conference held in Singapore in November 2018 and Bengaluru (2019),and is the founding member of Indian Storytellers Healing Network (ISHN )

As a storyteller she has graced various Literary Fests on special invitation, KCLF (Kanpur Children Literary Fest), BOOKAROO (Bhopal) KITABOO (Jodhpur), and ABHIVYAKTI,(Army Wives Lit Fest )

At presents she conducts need based workshops under her organisation SOUL KATHA.



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