Balaji KS

Senior Vice President - People and Client Success, Rishabh Software

Balaji KS

Senior Vice President - People and Client Success
Rishabh Software


Balaji KS, Senior Vice President - People and Client Success at Rishabh Software. He is one of the rare HR professionals who not only take care of the people's needs but also handles customers directly. Also, he has been recognized by Forbes as India's 100 Great People Managers 2021.

His specialization in finding the right talent for the company, a unique way to manage resources and further develop them for their success and the business, is closer to the heart of any company. Being a conscientious leader, he has been an inspiration to so many students & professionals. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, in Commerce and a master's degree in HR. He is a World HR Board-certified professional in Recruitment, Competency Building, Performance management, Compensation & Benefits, HR Analytics, Organization Development and Talent Management. In his 20+ years of exclusive experience in the entire gamut of the HR field, has contributed immensely to the organization's growth. He holds various awards and accolades for his extemporarycontributions to the field of HR. He has been recognized by global bodies, including his recent award from Forbes for being a 'Top 100 Great People Manager in India'. He is a trained professional in 'Balanced Score Card', 'PCMM', and on various qualitative methods. He is also recognized by World HRD Congress asa 'Young HR Professional', Human Resource Professional of the Year, Top 101 influencing HR professionals in India. His ultimate mission is to bring people together, making them collaborate and spreading positivity among all. We take pride to include his name as part of our special edition and we are sure Balaji is an asset to any company and our nation.



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