Dr. Afsha Dokadia

Global Head L&OD, L&T Energy Hydrocarbon

Dr. Afsha Dokadia

Global Head L&OD
L&T Energy Hydrocarbon


Dr. Afsha Dokadia has a Ph.D. from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai. Currently Global L&OD Head for LTEH. She has 20+ years of experience as a human resource professional skilled in Talent Development, Facilitation, Organizational Development, Research, and Human Resources. In her previous role as professor at TISS, she was responsible for the R&D centre and all the research scholars.

Dr. Dokadia has worked as a consultant with organization like P&G, GAIL, ONGC, EIEL, Essar, among others. She is fond of telling stories, traveling to new places, meeting new people & engaging in research.

She was recently recognised as one of the "Top 20 most Impactful OD Leaders" at the 2nd Edition Organisation Development Vision & Innovation Summit & Awards 2022.

Her normal workday looks like - "I don't have to climb any mountains…but I do have to move them."



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