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15th February, 2024
Taj Lands End, Mumbai

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All human beings are born with a dream, which are there goals in their life. Attaining a goal is not that easy and hence there is a need for a clear and correct path for the easy attaining the goals. This easy attaining of the path can be achieved with the help of a coach and coaching. And so it is said that "coaching" is the practice of giving sufficient direction, instruction and training to a person or a group people, so as to achieve some goals or even in developing specific skills.

Though coaching is a system of providing training, the method of coaching differs from person to person, aim or goals to be attained, and the areas needed. Coaching can be either training a single person in specific field or a group of people in multitasking skills.

Each type of coaching is having its own aim and so the coaches differ according the needs of the trainees. Each area is having its own specialized coaches. There are even coaching centers of training coaches. Coaching should be effective and correct, then only the goal expected will be attained. The process of coaching is not aiming at the cure of psychological illness. It is the training and direction of the trainees to reach and attain their goals.

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