Dr. Heena Sunil Bulchandani

Senior Specialist - Training and Development, DEWA

Dr. Heena Sunil Bulchandani

Senior Specialist - Training and Development


Global Award winning, Senior Certified Professional from SHRM, Certified Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP) from Ascentis, UK, EFQM certified and experienced, Coactive Coach, Certified in Leadership Circle Profile assessment. Occupational Personality & Ability Assessments (CEB), Dr. Heena Bulchandani is a confident and result oriented international HR Practitioner, trainer, educator and assessor with proven leadership skills and business acumen.

Highly experienced with extensive knowledge in Strategic Human Resource Management functions, and a diverse educational background, and blessed with natural ability to learn and innovate. With over 20 years of professional experience of working in both Government and Private sector, she fully understands the values and tenets of HR that drive organizations.

Dr. Heena is a doctorate, has published a book on Organizational Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction. In addition, she has published articles in various HR and Management newsletters, journals and newspaper and participated as a speaker in more than 10 international conferences. GO LIVE on radio as an expert HR speaker.

A Certified Lecturer from University Grant Commissions of India, Dr. Heena is a passionate educator, has taught more than 8,500 students in UK, Australian, European and Indian Universities and Business Schools in the last 20 years and has also been a research guide for Masters' Students and conducted more than 100 training programs.

She has been a Team leader and Judge in various prestigious local and international business awards.

Dr. Heena has won more than 10 Global awards such as Global Training and Development Award, World HRD Congress; HR Professional of the Year – Public Sector, 6th MENA HR Excellence Awards; HR Leadership Award from Asian Confederation of Businesses and Young HR Professional of the Year, World HRD Congress.



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