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Futurism for the workplace: Technology in the business of HR

Stage setting presentations to focus the conclave's direction: Connecting technology with the present, and future, strategic functional and operational aspects of the HR Professionals

The Changing Business Dynamics & HR Tech – What the Top Management will see Perspectives and Views:

If you are not restructuring and re-visioning, you will fall behind. New software is being designed so that they are user friendly. Are you delivering value to the capability of the employee and management – in their terms? Not in that of HR. Are you thinking about content, knowledge, HR intranets, and analytics at the time of a transaction? Are you ready for the consumerization of the application? Are you designing for the Organisation to welcome the future? The aim is to recommend tech solutions that are compatible with the existing company technology & current investment capacity of the organization to initiate this futuristic approach to improvise the present structure through technology. HR Technology focuses on the business process and organizational success enabled by technology, not the bits and bytes of it. HR Technology covers all the latest trends – Software as a Service (SaaS), The Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, Big Data – as well as the more traditional technologies and processes that still compete for your attention. Whatever is changing the way work and HR gets done, is what is featured.

Talent Management Acquisition to Attrition: How can changing Technology connect with the business of HRD?

Discover how leading organizations are leveraging technology to attract top talent, better employee engagement, retaining top-performing talent and more. Also tap industry experts with their rich insights into the state of the Talent Management Technology landscape. What do CHROs expect from tech partners? How can technology strengthen its foothold in the HR space? Where do the challenges lie and how can these be overcome? The sessions are facilitated by expert moderators, attended by 'C' level executives & Top HR professionals as delegates, to answer these brain storming questions that make rounds in every CHROs mind.

The Future of "World at Work" – HR Technology advances will take away the human element.

HR technology continues to be a major driver of business and workforce transformation, and you'll find out the how and why from HR Leaders. The advent of technologies like applicant tracking systems, the recruiting world has certainly become more efficient, but the argument could also be made that it has become colder and more mechanized. There is no code that can replace the "gut feeling" we get from interacting with other people. It is a warning about humans eventually being replaced by robot overlords, it should be clarified that the technology mentioned above has helped both recruiters and employers innumerably. The idea that humans can vouch for each other is so simple, yet so important when searching for employees.

Will a CHRO and a CTO have a role reversal? Computers are good at boiling humans down to numbers that can assist us in making decisions, but in the recruiting world, the human element has crucial implications that cannot be overstated.

Every interaction with employees is an opportunity to build or break trust, including how they experience technology in the workplace. Technology is increasingly used to help manage HR-related functions such as hiring, compensation, employee development, and more—all of which are, traditionally, crucial employee touch-points for fostering a trust-based relationship. As much as we rely upon technology to make organizations as efficient and effective as possible, it can never replace human interaction and authentic relationships, which are the cornerstones of a great workplace. Especially as it relates to Human Resources, technology should be seen as a tool that supplements, enhances, and informs—not replaces—real person- to-person contact.

Keeping the Human Element Intact

HR Technology enables organizations and the individuals within themselves to achieve in proportion to their fullest potential. However, it is important to bolster these capabilities with a strong human presence. As you reflect upon your own HR Technology solutions, consider…

» Have you lost any opportunities for human interaction that previously existed in this area?
» If so, is there a way to integrate a new employee touch point into this realm?
» With the added efficiency, how can you focus renewed attention to the employee relationship?

Thinking these questions through will help ensure you achieve the ultimate goal of fostering a trust-based relationship with employees, even with the most tech-savvy solutions.

Tech HR Predictions - The Future

In future the world of Talent, Leadership and HR will undergo a dramatic change. The global economic growth will create a new level of competition for people. People will change jobs. HR organizations will shift their focus from cost reduction to retention and engagement. Technology will continue to make the world a smaller place, forcing companies to improve their employment brand in every possible way. Data will become a new currency. Leadership will continue to be in short supply and HR organizations will have to innovate to stay ahead. Can Technology motivate or impact the HR fraternity in future? Can technology surpass the expectations of HR professionals and improve the employee engagement?

A Few Predictions for Future

» Strategic thinking will become in-house HR's new core competence.
» Managing a remote workforce will be the new norm
» In-house HR will downsize and outsourcing will increase.
» Preparing work place for 2020.
» Talent Analytics comes to front of the Stage.
» Continued Explosive Growth in HR Technology and Content Markets.
» Talent, skills, and capability needs become global.

World HRD Congress Presents HR Tech Leader Awards

Wrap up: Encapsulation of key insights and takeaways from the day's sessions. HR Tech Leader Awards: Announcing the award winners! Decided by an eminent panel of experts and a rigorous selection process. HR Tech awards recognize HR Tech start-ups for delivering innovation and excellence across the spectrum of the HR domain

Sub Themes

» Transform Employee Engagement

» Improving HR Service Through Technology

» The Technology Partnership That Drove Recruiting Success

» Social Recruiting Strategy to Source and Hire Top Talent

» Moving From Data Collection to Data Insights

» HR Analytics in a Changing World

» The Workforce of the Future Requires an Agile Approach to Learning

» Building and Leading a World-Class Technical Team

» Is technology redefining the HR functions...?

» Mobile Applications emerges as a new HR technology platform

» Technology in HR works as a fuel.

» Use technology to enhance talent development

Awards Categories

Organizational Categories

» Best Use of Technology in HR
» Most Innovative Deployment of HR Technology
» Most Effective Recruitment Strategy Using Technology
» Award for Best use of Social Media
» The Most Engaged Workplace
» HR Tech Project of the Year Award
» HR Tech Partners Award
» HR Consultancy of the Year
» Outstanding Contribution to HR Through Technology
» Best HR Tech Programme
» Best HR Technology Service Provider of the Year
» Most Effective Internal Communications Strategy
» Best in Employee Empowerment
» HR Technology Team of the Year
» Start-up Company of the Year
» Award for Employer of Choice
» Best Technology for HR analytics

Individual Categories

» Young Talent of the Year (Age 35 Yrs & below)
» Leader in Human Resource Technology
» HR Technology Executive of the Year
» Lifetime Achievement Award
» Outstanding Contribution to Global HR
» HR Professional of the Year
» Women Super Achiever Award
» CHRO of the Year
» HR Oriented CEO Award

Organizational Categories

» Best Use of Technology in HR

  • Judges are looking the best use of technology as

    • Innovation in HR

    • Needs identification processes

    • Variety of software and solutions used

    • Efficiencies and cost-savings gained from use of technology

    • Resources allocated towards training, manpower, systems, technology etc.

    • Efficiencies

    • Best use of technology in non administrative functions including: branding, recruitment, talent development, communications and training etc.

    • ROI

» Most innovative deployment of HR technology

  • Judges are looking for an organisation that has used technology to move HR forward

    • Application of HR software and analytic systems,

    • Online Recruitment

    • E-learning programme.

    • Demonstrating the innovative approach that ties to corporate strategy.

    • Return on Investment.

» Most effective recruitment strategy using technology

  • Judges will be looking for evidence

    • Innovation and bottom line contribution through enhanced recruitment and improved retention process.

    • Implementation of new policies covering all resourcing activities effectively.

    • Business case study supported by relevant metrics.

» Best Use of Social Media

  • Variety of software and solutions used.

  • Efficiencies and cost-savings gained through use of social media. Use of social media in: recruitment, branding, marketing & communications, mentoring, customer service etc.

  • Innovation & ROI

» Best Engagement Strategies

  • History, types & variety of programmes and activities used for employee engagement

  • Innovative strategies implemented within the last year

  • Impact of employee engagement on retention rates

  • Alignment of engagement strategies with career development strategies

  • Balance between employee morale and engagement

  • ROI

» Most effective internal communications strategy

  • The communications strategy can be part of an ongoing process or related to a one-off event or development in the organisation.

  • The communication process has proved effective in the medium to long term.

» Best HR Technology Team

  • Retention rate

  • Team morale and engagement

  • Team Productivity

  • Team contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives

  • Team effectiveness in delivering cost effective HR administration services

  • Ability to improve bottom line profits and employee productivity

» Award for Employer of Choice

  • Management's commitment to human capital

  • Communications within the company

  • Above average staff retention rates and innovative strategies

  • Talent management initiatives

  • Training, learning and development policies and practices

  • Work life balance initiatives

  • Health and safety practices and procedures

  • Compensation and benefits and rewards & recognition

  • Recruitment procedures

  • Workplace harmony and physical environment

  • Non-discriminatory practices

  • Innovation

  • Corporate Social Responsibility practices

  • Performance management

» Outstanding Contribution to HR through Technology

  • Looking HR Professional who has contributed much to the HR industry throughout their career.

  • Individual who has helped to develop, grow and champion the HR profession, who also possesses exemplary knowledge and experience in practicing HR within the organisations they have worked.

» HR Tech Projects of the Year Award

  • Hard work & Success stories resulting from new or ongoing HR & Payroll related projects

  • Impact of Technology on HR professionals & HR Business

  • Innovations

  • ROI

» Best in Employee Empowerment

  • Lead employees and entrusting them with meaningful work and projects.

  • Timely rewarding their achievements and contributions.

  • Treating employees as equals & offering opportunities to the best in business.

  • Trust Employees

» HR Technology Service Provider of the Year

  • Innovation

  • Promising

  • Healthy track record & best in the industry by improvising the HR initiatives & HR Strategies.

  • Making Impact on the business & generate maximum returns.

» HR Consultancy of the year

  • An "HR Consultant of the Year" candidate is defined as a self-employed individual or an individual working for an HR consulting firm.

  • Innovative Recruitment strategy used to attract the HR Professionals.

  • Past track record or history of HR consultancy as per international standard.

  • Best strategy consulting, operational improvement consulting, and change and organisation consulting.

  • ROI

» Start- Up Company of the year

  • Company Less than 3 Year old

  • Company has less than 50 employees

  • Most Emerging Company with optimum use of capital.

  • Most Innovations in technology.

  • Delivering or practising best HR practices using technology.

  • Business Development & Marketing plans.

  • ROI

Individual Categories

» HR Professional of the year

  • Ability to lead and create an environment that focuses all employees on the organisations priorities, directives and their expected place in the process

  • Strategic thinking and planning attributes

  • Contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives

  • Business sensitivity and savviness

  • Effectiveness Communication

  • Champion of change and innovation

  • Leader of organisational improvement & development

» Young Talent of the year Achiever (35 yrs & below)

  • Contribution towards achieving organisational goals

  • Broader Knowledge of HR practices and business issues

  • Initiative demonstrated in rolling out specific plans and strategies

  • Embrace the changes and innovation

  • Grasp of aligning business interests of the organisation to its workforce.

» Women Super Achiever of the Year

  • Initiatives & projects under HR Leadership & HR Technology.

    • Innovation

    • Strategic thinking and planning attributes.

    • Aggressive approach to tackle the HR tech issues.

» CHRO of the Year Award

  • CHRO's impact on their organization and community, the extent to which the CHRO helped drive workforce initiatives, measurable excellence in employee engagement and retention, and any professional risk taken by the CHRO in pursuit of these aims.

  • CHROs contribution to improvise or being innovative by using latest technology implementation at work place & business standards.

  • CHROs achievement in past few years & Impact on business.

» HR Oriented CEO Award

  • This award recognises a non HR organisational leader (MD, CEO Etc.) who embraces HR via

    • A demonstrated track record in supporting HR and driving, from the top, agreed HR strategies and initiatives

    • Ability to lead and create an environment that focuses HR and all employees on the organisation's priorities, directives and their expected place in the process

    • Contribution and implementation to specific HR initiatives including talent development and retention strategies

    • Business related HR sensitivity and savviness

    • Communication effectiveness with and towards employees

    • Innovation within other HR disciplines and areas

    • Champion of strategy & change management

» Lifetime Achievement Award

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has performed an outstanding service and accomplishment spanning a career in HR Profession. The nominee must (1) be a current or former HR Leader and (2) have spent a significant part of his or her career working in HR profession. The goal is to recognize a track record of excellence and service to HR Fraternity.

  • Achievements in past, being a HR Leader.

Role Players

  • <p>My role is to Advise & Operate complex Corporate BPO & HR Unit for Proven-SA Saudi Arabia Portfolio on deliverables such as KSA Corporate Immigration and Compliance Consultancy, Foreign investment License Acquisitions from SAGIA, Contractor & Resident Engineer Pay-rolling. Contractor Mobility and Relocation. Saudization and Nitiqat Management. Commercial Representation Agreements. Government Relations and Secondments. Corporate License. KSA M51 Royal Decree Labor Law Audits. Iqamas and KSA Work permits (New Block & Renewals). Jawazat and Ministry of Labor file management. GOSI File management & Muqeem services. MOFA and MOI approval. Notifications for any Immigration policy changes and Legal Advice.

    Adeel Mirza
    Senior Manager – BPO & HR
    Proven SA (UAE/KSA)

  • <p>Born in September 1970, Ajeyo Rohitashwo ~ Al Quazi (More known as Ajeyo in the corporate world) started his career at an early age of 22 as a part timer during his university days.<br><br>

He joined HR as a full timer during the transitional period of the function in the mid '90s, right after his post-graduation from International Relations, Dhaka University and claims to be one of those very few fortunate ones, witnessing the transformation of HR in Bangladesh. <br><br>

Ajeyo was groomed in the boot-camp of one of the leading Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies (The Acme Laboratories ltd.).<br><br>

In past 24 years, Ajeyo served not only different leading Bangladeshi organizations but also in different industries e.g. pharmaceuticals, real estate, banks, manufacturing industries, retail business, distribution houses, service industry and ICT in different echelon. <br><br>

Within past 10 years, Ajeyo led 2 major conglomerates in Bangladesh and played a major role in turning their business results as strategic partner and HR advocate. <br><br>

<b>A few of Ajeyo's contributions which are often referred to and discussed in HR arena of Bangladesh : </b><br>

- As Group Head of HR & Org.Dev. aamra companies, Ajeyo introduced 'Shigoto' as the foundation of HR Strategy and automated overall HR Operations that led to a lean HR team. HR function's cost minimized up to 31%.<br><br>

- HR performance rating increased by 38% than the previous years (Staff Survey Report) in aamra within 14 months of taking over the charge as Group Chief People Officer, aamra companies.
Employee engagement percentage increased up to 73% than previous 62% within 2 years of Ajeyo's taking charge as Group Chief People Officer of aamra companies.<br><br> 

- As Group Head of Human Resources, TK Group of Industries, Ajeyo successfully implemented SBU concept along with measurement tools of ROI of every department of TK Group of Industries. Over all financial impact on the first year of this roll out was BDT 37 million positive in the books.<br><br>

- Ajeyo introduced employee development & benefit policies as well as review of some policies added remarkable value to TK Group of Industries ; e.g. <br>
a.  Reviewed Leave Procedures, aligned with BLC 2006, put a positive impact of BDT. 2.3 million in a year for TK Group of Industries.<br>
b. 'Extra Work Process' in Samuda Chemical Complex Ltd (A sister concern of TK Group of Industries) minimized 57% of the cost. <br><br>

- As Head of Organizational Development, Transcom Electronics Ltd., Ajeyo played key role in transforming the retail business from PHILIPS outlets to Transcom Digital (Brand Transformation).
Ajeyo re-engineered the 'Overall Services' of Transcom Electronics Ltd (including SOPs) upgraded the turn around time with an accountable system (Turn around time reduced to 72 hours from 160 hours).<br><br>

- As Head of Organizational Development, Transcom Electronics Ltd., Ajeyo re-engineered the 'Supply Chain & Channel Distribution' of Transcom Electronics Ltd and upgraded the documentation procedures, ensured less turn around time in distribution (from 140 hours to 66 hours) and executed cost efficient routing mechanism (Cost minimized 17% in distribution, Process loss minimized down to 21.63%).<br><br>

- As Head of Organizational Development, Transcom Electronics Ltd., Ajeyo re-engineered the 'Merchandising Procedures' of Transcom Electronics Ltd (including Merchandising Activation Policy & SOP), upgraded the documentation procedures and executed an accountable & cost effective system (Merchandising expenses minimized up to 23% than earlier).<br><br>

Ajeyo joined aamra companies in 2011 as the Group Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development and acted as a strong pro-active leader throughout the entire tenure. He empowers people to take ownership, provide coaching, training and mentoring to build cohesive teams working together in achieving individual targets and company objectives. <br><br>

He achieved the role of Group Chief People Officer (GCPO) of aamra companies in 2013, which is the highest level strategic position to take significant decision on Human Resource Development.<br><br> 

He is also the member of the Committee for Corporate Governance, the executive decision making body of the conglomerate. <br><br>

Since his joining, he has successfully pioneered Central HR & Organizational Development for all the SBUs under aamra companies by undertaking various projects that have effectively driven the growth of aamra. Before joining aamra he was a Group Head of Human Resources at TK Group of Industries.<br><br>

As part of his social responsibility, Ajeyo invests almost 600 hours a year behind grooming fresh graduates on pro bono basis. Till date Ajeyo groomed 112 graduates who are already placed in various organizations.<br><br>

Ajeyo is also a poet and a writer. His Novel 'Avimonnu' and book of Poems 'Panchojonno' is collected and preserved by Bodleian Library of Oxford University and several other major libraries of the world.<br><br>

    Ajeyo Rohitashwo
    Group Chief People Officer
    aamra companies

  • <p>A very strong Human Resource Leader with an extensive experience of over 18 years spanning in the areas of Talent Engagement, Performance Management, Employer Branding, HR Analytics, Change Management, Job Evaluation / Analysis, Career Management, Competency Modeling, HR Systems and Training and Development. <br><br>
Currently working in the capacity of 'Head HR' in LnT Infotech for 10 Strategic Business Units such as Digital, consulting, Cloud Apps, IIoT etc to name a few. Also doubling up as Center HR Head for the Powai Location of LnT Infotech. <br><br>

She has been exposed to various facets of the HR domain and is now at the threshold of consolidating and leveraging upon her past experiences to strengthen HR effectiveness by playing the strategic Business HR partner role and helps business in strategy building to increase business scalability.


    Anupama Pillai
    Head HR
    L&T Infotech

  • <p>
                                My name is Aytenfisu Worku Tessema. I am the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of ethio telecom. I have worked in ethio telecom for 20 years in different positions more dominantly in HR domain. In addition to HR domain, I have worked as Operations Manager in operation units and as Operations Support Director of the Next Generation Network (NGN) program office (a 1.5billion USD network and applications expansion projects). I have also worked as Redeployment Project Office Director. Currently, I am working as CHRO of ethio telecom.<br><br>
Academically, I have BA degree in Business Management and MBA in Telecom Management. I have also taken different short term trainings both locally and abroad. Among the abroad trainings; Management of Information and Communications Technology in Israel, Leadership Program in France, and Project Management in China are worth mentioning.

    Aytenfisu Worku
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Ethio Telecom

  • <p> Babu has about 2 decades of HR professional experience and specializes in start-up industry, organisation design and leadership coaching. Babu works very closely with start-up founders at senior management levels and has been part of amazing growth history of India's poster boy in e-commerce, Flipkart. Babu currently heads HR for Shopclues, start-up of the year 2016. <br><br>

He has worked with high profile start-ups, managed digital transformation for organisations, worked on intra and intercompany M&A, effectively leveraged technology on all facets of human resources. Babu is and Electronics Engineer and alumni of XLRI. Babu is a design thinker and did his design thinking program through Stanford University in 2015. <br><br>


    Babu Vittal
    Head HR

  • <p>Banu İşçi Sezen joined Turkcell Human Resources in 2003. In April 2015 she was appointed Senior Vice President of Turkcell Academy, working directly with Turkcell Group's CEO.  Previously, she was Chief Turkcell Group Human Resources Officer, Director of Turkcell Academy and held various executive positions in Turkcell. She lead the restructuring of Turkcell Academy as a ''Corporate University'' in 2005. She also lead the digitalization of Turkcell Academy in order to expand educational opportunity across whole Turkey.  With the use of technology and mobility Turkcell Academy offers equal opportunity in education thus shape lives. <br><br>
Before joining Turkcell, she worked at Izmir Mercantile Exchange Futures and Options, Garanti Bank, Humanitas Doğuş and Barış Insurance in managerial positions. She is a graduate of Counseling and Psychological Guidance Department at Boğazici University.


    Banu Sezen
    Sr. Vice President

  • <p>A dynamic Human Resources professional with a diverse corporate background developed over last 22 years across multiple industries in both directed and creative environment. Being a part of Senior Leadership Team, drove HR Transformation and lead the organizational change management initiatives through implementing HR Processes toward excellence.  Possess exceptional proficiency in Employee Relations and Productivity Enhancement through effective Engagement Drives. Effective in building relationships with employees and managers at all levels within an organization to support the business strategy, resolving communication issues and motivate individuals to optimal performance. Possess a proven track record of being ethical, sound judgment and achieving positive results. Believes in the philosophy 'Change is the only constant, embrace it or become history'<br><br>
In the long professional journey of almost two decades, he worked with leading corporate brands like Lafarge, Reckitt Benckiser and at present Axiata. Before joining the corporate world, he worked in Bangladesh Navy and Armed Forces Division as Lieutenant Commander. 
He has done his Advanced Management Program from INSEAD and MBA from Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada with major in Digital Technology Management. 


    Md. Faisal Imtiaz Khan
    Vice President, HR Business Partnering
    Robi Axiata Limited

  • <p> Harjeet is a HR leader, writer, speaker and a national poet. He is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and INSEAD. He is currently working as Vice President HR at Reliance Jio Infocomm. Harjeet is a Linked Power Profile. He is awarded for his 'Outstanding contribution to Global Learning' by World HRD Congress and received HR Leadership Award by Asia HRD Congress<br><br>
Harjeet is a SAP HCM Solution consultant, Six Sigma Green Belt, White Belt in Executive Coaching, Assessor for Predictive Index, visiting faculty at NMIMS and Corporate Advisory Board Member for Chandigarh University. This Chicken Soup writer is published in several leading HR Magazines. Do enjoy his posts at Linkedin or and poetry recitals on SAB TV. He can be reached out at Harjeet.


    Harjeet Singh Khanduja
    Vice President HR
    Reliance Jio Infocomm

  • <p> Mamta Wasan holds a degree in Sociology from Mumbai University, a Degree from IHMCT, Mumbai and is an OSHM Post-Graduate, as well as has a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management from IMT Ghaziabad.<br><br>
She has over 28 years of work experience and has held several leadership positions in diverse roles in large conglomerates over the years. Her HR journey began with L&D as Training Head of The Oberoi Group of Hotels, then at at GE & at Reliance Infocomm. <br><br>

Mamta is currently the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at FIS, where she has been for the last 10 years, with responsibility for India and the Philippines for 15,000 employees.  
First in financial technology, FIS topped the annual FinTech 100 list for three years continuously, is 434 on the Fortune 500 list, and is a member of Standard & Poor's 500® Index. It is the primary provider of technology products and services to Banks and Financial Institutions across the globe. FIS has 55,000 employees across 101 countries. <br><br>

Managing change & building teams across diverse cultures is an area of expertise that she has used extensively as she moved from Hotels to Education & then to the Human Resources Function.
Her current role focusses on Recruitment, Compensation, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Retention of key resources and building a talent pipeline. Over the years at FIS, the HC has grown from 4500 to 15,000.  Mamta has built a culture of high performance, care and employee friendly policies. This culminated in FIS winning the 5th Position among IT/ITES companies in the 2015 Great Places to Work Survey.  <br><br>

Being a traded company, FIS is extremely cost conscious and numbers driven. This translates into an output focused HR function, closely aligned with business.<br><br>

She has also been part of three acquisitions – Capco (a consulting company), Clear to Pay and more recently, SunGard.   <br><br>

Prior to FIS Mamta has held position heading the training function with the Reliance group during the telecom launch, set up a Hotel Management Institute for the VGP Group, and worked with GE & the Oberoi Group of hotels in various operations and training positions across the country.  <br><br>

Mamta has been married for 26 years and has a 24 year old daughter and a wonderful dog.<br><br>

Among Mamta's favorite hobbies are singing, gardening, reading and various sports activities. <br><br>


    Mamta Wasan
    Senior Vice President Human Resources
    FIS Global Business Solutions India PVT LTD

  • <p> Mangala is a Business Practitioner with over 15+ years of versatile experience in the fields of Human Resource Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Quality Management Systems, Environment Management Systems, Compliance and Project Management. A Graduate with Bachelor Of Science and has diversified Qualification in Masters in Manufacturing Management. Also he's a certified auditor in ISO 9001 & 14001. Currently reading for Masters in Labour Relations and Human Resource Management. <br><br>

He has multi-disciplinary experience in Telecommunication, Textile & Apparel Manufacturing. He has acted as a functional consultant in MAS Holdings, Leading Apparel Manufacturer in Sri Lanka, on Human Capital Management Systems Design and implementation with Deloitte Consulting implementing a cloud based HR application. This had entailed standardization of Human Resource Policies and Procedures across the organization whilst mapping against Industry Best Practices. <br><br>

At present he heads Mobitel team HR, the national telecommunications service provider and has driven significant HR change initiatives in the business, such as implementation of ERP solution, Performance management and job profiling. <br><br>

He's passionate towards undertaking key business problems and bringing real time solutions whilst liaising with all levels of the organization.  <br><br>

Mangala has lead the organizational teams in Sri Lanka Association of Human Resource Professional Awards, Sri Lanka National Energy Efficiency Awards bringing accolades for the organizations that he had served.<br><br>

He had conducted visiting lectures at Sri Lanka Institute of Textile and Apparel and has been invited as a Guest Speaker, Commonwealth Human Resources for ICT conference, 2014, organized by Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization. Further his contribution has been recognized as being nominated for the 'HRD through TQM, Regional Conference in Japan', Organized by NICC and nominated by Employers Federation of Ceylon. <br><br>

    Mangala Durwinka
    Head of Human Resources
    Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd

  • <p>- As Senior HR Leader with 20+ years of diverse experience working across multiple industries in E Commerce, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Mobile , Telecom, I.T. Software Development & Services, ITES BPO / KPO, Manufacturing & Distribution, Shipping & Logistics, Training, Education & Consultancy in geographies – India, APAC, Middle East, Far East & Australia. Supporting varied setups and business functions MNC & Indian Leading Groups.<br><br>
- Specialties: My Passion is HR Strategy& Execution, Organization Design & Structuring, Creating Performance & Winning Culture, Driving Performance Management System, Human Resource Development, Training & Development, Leadership Assessment & Development, Competency & Capability Building Practices, HR Transitions & Change Facilitation, Retention Strategies & Initiatives, Global & Leadership Talent Acquisition – Recruitment & Selection, Talent Management & People Skills, Employee Relations, Total Rewards, Compensation & Benefits, Team Building, HRIS Automation, Merger & Acquisition, Employee Relations, Statutory Compliance, Institutionalizing & Communicating Best Practices in HR, Polices, Processes, Benefits, Metrics.<br><br>

<b>Current Role & Responsibility</b> -<br> Currently (2014 onwards) - Additional Director Board Member / Vice President – Human Resource (India, APAC, Far East, Middle East, Australia) (Rocket Internet Gmbh, German MNC), Leading ecommerce - B2B & B2C.Responsible for Partnering in Business in H.R. & Business Development in new geographies, held diverse portfolios including Human Resource Development, Talent Acquisition and Management, Leadership Development, Total Rewards & HR Service Delivery, Business Development of Existing and New Product Range with team in India, Singapore, Australia.(Joined as Head Human Resource).<br><br>


    Mukesh Batra
    Head – Human Resource
    Mothersonsumi Infotech & Designs Ltd. (Motherson Sumi Group)

  • <p> 
                                A social business visionary who thrives on people and innovation to deliver business results.<br><br>
I am the HR Leader for IBM's Global Business Services unit covering the Business Consulting and Application Innovation Consulting Service Lines. <br><br>

My core areas of expertise are leadership, succession planning, mobility, recruitment and employee engagement. I am one of the youngest HR Leaders in IBM who has effectively led ramp up of 3 new businesses for IBM in India and Singapore. I am viewed as a leader who collaborates globally with a sharp focus on business results. The reasons for my success in IBM are my team management skills, ability to influence, ask for a seat at the table and my focus on constantly learning and upskilling myself. <br><br>

My career has been defined by three things: the ability to influence and lead global teams towards a common goal, keen focus on leveraging social and analytics in human resources and balancing both the organization's strategic vision and execution priorities. <br><br>

I hold a Masters in Industrial Psychology from Bangalore University and an HR Certification from Harvard University. I am currently pursuing a course from MIT Open courseware on Entrepreneurship. I make a conscious effort to network externally, learn, and also give back to the community. I am particularly passionate about education and the impact of technology on how HR is evolving as a function. <br><br>

I am a permanent resident in Singapore along with my husband and daughter<br><br>

    Neha Pareek
    HR Leader, Business Consulting and Application Innovation Consulting, GBS Asia Pacific

  • <p>Nutan Singapuri, is currently Senior Director HR, for LinkedIn Asia Pacific with over 20 years of work experience in a variety of industries.  <br><br>
With a first class honors degree in Sociology and general degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore, Nutan started her career in business development in the aviation industry and co-created an NGO start up. For the last 20 years, Nutan has been in Human Resources where she has taken on leadership positions in HR in a number of reputable large multinational /global organizations, including Microsoft, GE Capital, Cargill and SingTel. Her experiences include driving thought leadership for the HR function across a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region, M&A and integration, talent management and organization development in growth markets.   <br><br>

Nutan has also played an instrumental role in working closely with CEOs and Senior business leaders on shaping the talent and transformation agenda. She has been a trusted partner and coach with business leaders on a variety of individual or team situations in times of change and has supported building high performing teams.   <br><br>

Nutan's passion for sociology and the creative arts, lends her to a natural curiosity to understand human motivation and challenges herself constantly to drive significance whilst co-creating a great place to work.  Nutan is married to Ganesh Thavarajan with 2 children, Alisha and Jihan and lives in Singapore.  <br><br>


    Nutan Singapuri
    Senior Director Human Resources - Asia Pacific

  • <p>A Human Resources Leader with nearly two decades of varied and cross-cultural experience in building and leading high performing teams across North America, APAC and India. Contributed to the growth of companies by attracting top talent, building strong employer brands and helping people connect to the company purpose. An avid reader, budding writer and a learner for life, Prashant hold's Masters in Business from ENPC Paris and has attended Executive Education at Harvard Business School and MIT.<br><br>

    Prashant Bhatnagar
    Senior Director, People & Culture
    Hike Messenger

  • <p> Rahul Kulkarni in his present role at Accelya Kale oversees the entire HR activities across all its locations. He is responsible for building and executing Accelya Kale's Human Resources strategy and shaping its people policies to enable high employee retention rate, growth and performance.<br><br>
His expertise lies in Talent Management and Talent Sourcing. He has 19 years of experience in formulating and implementing organization-wide strategies to enhance talent acquisition, talent engagement and development practices. An expansive network across reputed educational institutions, business schools and HR consultants has helped him to source specialized talent against ambitious deadlines.<br><br>

Prior to joining Accelya Kale, Rahul was Head - HR at Stryker Global Technology Center and has a broad industry experience across leading organisations like Cipla, Sun Pharmaceuticals and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. During this time he has successfully addressed the attrition problem in Indian organizations and effectively utilised Training& Development programs and performance management systems to bring about perceptible attitudinal change in his organizations.<br><br> 

His work on building a company as an 'employer of choice' has been well appreciated.<br><br>

Rahul has done his Masters in Labour Studies and LLB from Mumbai University. Rahul is an accomplished speaker and has been invited to speak at various industry and academic forums.


    Rahul Ravindra Kulkarni
    SVP & Global Head – Human Resources
    Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd.

  • <p> 'Rakesh Rana is the HR Leader for Murex Southeast Asia, covering Asia Pacific region. He is responsible for leading Murex people strategy of creating an inspired community of people able, committed, and empowered to achieve amazing success. <br><br>

Rakesh is passionate about the opportunities that the changing HR & Recruiting landscape holds and what that means to retain and attract talent within today's world of collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning. He is a subject matter expert in the design and implementation of global talent acquisition strategy, HR strategy, HR transformation, employer Brand & HR Technology. <br><br>

Rakesh holds a Masters in Human Resource Management from IIMM India and has a Human Resource Certification from Harvard University.' <br><br>


    Rakesh Rana
    HR Leader

  • <p>Sachidanand has 14 years of industry experience in HR operations, Organization Culture, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and Resource Optimization areas. Graduated in computer science and post graduated in MBA-HR, Sachidanand is firm believer of human potential collectively, If it is channelized in the right direction, achieving any vision is not a challenge but merely a routine. He stays energized by solving people problems, interactions, listening music and composing poems where he finds strength for getting better everyday at work. <br><br>

He believes that his primary role is to create, nurture and promote healthy work environment, collaborative culture and conditions for performance to yield ultimate business results.<br><br>

He is passionate about building an environment where people find meaning at work and meet their aspirations. This passion drives him to be curious enough and observe new trends in human capital for its utmost leverage.<br><br>

He is blogger, poet and student of indian classical music!<br><br>


    Sachidanand Kulkarni
    Vice President HR & Culture
    Webonise Lab

  • <p>Seasoned HR professional with more than six years of experience.<br><br>
Current role focuses on Talent Acquisition, Management & Engagement of Research and Innovation talents in TCS. <br><br>

Previously was leading the lateral hiring for Eastern Region. Started career as an 'Experienced Professional' recruiter in the year 2009 and progressed to be the Souring Lead for Eastern Region and thereon moved to be the Experienced Professional Lead for the region.<br><br>

MBA in Human Resource by qualification, member of National HRD Network (NHRD) and National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM). <br><br>

Received quite a few accolades within the organization- 'Star of the month', 'CLP Faculty Award', and others. Also, awarded the 'HR Tech Leader Award' at the 24th edition of the World HRD Congress 2016's special feature 'HR Tech Seminar & Awards'.


    Samina Banu
    Tata Consultancy Services

  • <p>Satish is the Chief Sales officer of Datamtics Financial Services Pvt Ltd leading global organization path. Whilst steering multi-million revenue conduits, he mentors to develop future leaders for the organization/industry across functions. Operations, Marketing, Human Resource, Client Development, Finance and Compliance in his purview, he builds customer centric organization.<br><br>
Satish has over 22 years of experience across regions and diverse industries including Healthcare, Business Process Management, Telecom, BFSI and Logistics. He lives every day with the pure mantra 'Fun at Work' and inspires team to perform beyond client's expectations. His stellar performance of building businesses from graze to glory is well known in the industry. During his recent multinational stint - Satish built business from bricks to revenue of more than $ 250mil. He has vast experience in strategic relationships, sales channels, brand perceptions, product planning and talent development. <br><br>
In his short span with Datamtics, Satish has turned the organization from a transactional delivery vendor to 360 degree business partner - from consultative to executional.<br><br>

Satish zealous learner - has been part multiple business leadership habits, project management skills and revenue model trainings in his career. He continuous to add more feathers to his cap inspiring his team to do so.<br><br>

He is the recipient of Pathfinder Award, Global Sales Excellence Award and Strategic Sales Award in his journey. Satish is active member of some of the leading industry bodies like NASSCOM, IAOP and many others.<br><br>

His humility to give back to the society has led him to be an active NGO participant at various organisations for last 20 years.<br><br>

Satish is passionate boxer and adventurist. He is active on social media and is a bibliophilic.<br><br>

    Satish Kumar
    Chief Sales Officer
    Datamatics Financial Services

  • <p>Shalini Nair oversees three key functions - HR, Communications & Branding and Facilities at Amadeus India. Shalini has long exemplified a level of commitment with Amadeus. She has made a significant contribution to the organisation, going above and beyond the normal call of duty and delivering exceptional results.<br><br>
At age 29, Shalini joined Amadeus and some of the key areas that she has passionately developed over the last 4 years have been:<br>

- Laying the foundation for Amadeus Labs in India and driving the growth. Today with 1600 employees, Amadeus Labs is the second largest centre for Amadeus globally<br>

- All policies, programs and practices at Amadeus Labs are 'Made in India' keeping in mind the local talent market and Amadeus' business strategy.<br>

- Building a high performing HR team of 40 professionals, by focusing on competency building and strong business partnering model. In 2015, Shalini launched HR Academy which focuses on key areas of developing business understanding, deepening functional knowledge and building skills like consulting, coaching and influencing.<br>

- With her impact on business and people practices, Shalini has earned herself a seat at the Global HR leadership team at Amadeus, influencing global decisions.<br><br>

Shalini's leadership style, combined with her integrity and commitment to ethics helps to make her an incredible leader, worthy of recognition. She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her.<br><br>

Amadeus Labs has 6 industry awards to its credit, including 'Top 25 Dream Companies to Work For'.<br><br>

    Shalini Nair
    Senior Director -HR, Communications & Branding and Facilities

  • <p>Sharad Verma is an experienced HR professional, blogger and digital influencer. A graduate of the prestigious XLRI, Sharad has more than two decades of HR experience. He has served as Global Head – Human Resources for Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd. and Head - HR for SunGard, Monster and BNY Mellon in India. Sharad's blog on leadership, talent and innovation is available at  <br><br>

    Sharad Verma
    Global Head – Human Resources
    Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd

  • <p> Stella is a product of the University of Cape Coast where she obtained a BA(Hons) degree and a Diploma in Education. She also holds a Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Public Administration from GIMPA and an MBA(HRM) from the University of Ghana and currently a Doctoral Candidate.<br><br>

Stella is the former HR Director for Ghana Telecom and Vodafone Ghana where she worked for 28 years.
She was very instrumental in the Vodafone integration journey in Ghana and also contributed significantly to the successful transformation of a State-owned company to become a commercially -viable, performance-oriented and culturally agile organisation.<br><br>

She led Vodafone Ghana's biggest People /Structural transformation, championed the talent agenda, promoted a sustainable Health, Safety &Wellbeing culture,Gender Diversity & Inclusion culture and created an admired HR function<br><br>

Under her leadership, Vodafone Ghana won several awards including Employer of Choice ,Best Organisation in Employee Relations and Fittest Opco in Vodafone(2x in a row). She also has personal awards to her credit such as the HR Practitioner of the Year 2015 - Ghana, Most Outstanding Corporate Executive in HR - Ghana, and an Africa HRTech in Leadership award.<br><br>

Stella is currently an HR Consultant and CEO of Professional HR Consult, the HR Director/Consultant for GLICO Group of Companies  as well as an Adjunct Lecturer at Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration (GIMPA). She is a member of various Professional Bodies and also a member of the Vodafone Ghana Foundation Board.<br><br>

She is a Mentor to many in the HR Profession , A Motivational Speaker , Career Counsellor, and also into Youth Development Initiatives. She has delivered several Papers at Seminars and various training programmes, locally and internationally.<br><br>


    Stella Agyenim-Boateng
    Human Resource Director/Consultant
    GLICO Group Ltd - Ghana

  • <p>Jill Flanagan is responsible for leading strategic C-level engagements to support companies during their HR transformation journey. She facilitates the execution of business strategies supported by HR to realize the full potential of HR technology through high value and innovative offerings.<br><br>

As a member of the SAP APJ team, Jill works to ensure that customers are positioned for success during a time of digital transformation. This includes strategic business management and alignment with HR strategy, collaborating across internal SAP business teams, and as well the external SAP Ecosystem. Instilling plans to run more efficiently and effectively are of the utmost priority for Jill and her team. <br><br>

With over 15 years of experience managing Cloud products, Jill is an experienced HR leader having consulted and managed projects covering a wide range of HR disciplines including: digital transformation, change management, organizational development, business strategy, systems and software implementation as well as business integration. She has worked across many industries, business organizations, and geographies around the globe with a focus on leveraging technology to improve HR strategy and management.<br><br>

During her tenure with SAP, Jill has received two D3 Awards, achieved Winner's Circle recognition, participated in the SAP Social Sabbatical program, and acts as an SAP Strategy Ambassador. She is also frequently engaged to write articles and speak at HR and technology conferences.<br><br>

Jill holds an MBA with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Development from the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore in Maryland, USA. She also has Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University located in Syracuse, New York, USA. <br><br> 


    Jill Flanagan
    HR Executive Advisor
    Business Transformation, SAP Asia Pacific & Japan

And others who you will meet...

    Alok Jha, Senior Vice President & Global Head :HR & CSR (Chief Human Resources Officer), Datamatics Global Services Limited
    Ambika Wadhwa, Leadership Hiring @ UBER
    Amit Badkas, Director - Human Resources, FireEye
    Anand Thiagarajan, Vice President – Human Resources, Changepond Technologies Limited
    Arun Dinkar Rao, Head - Human Resources, CSC
    Asha Poluru, Chief- People Experience, Altimetrik
    Asha Subramanian, Director - Human Resources, IBIBO Group
    Bhrigu Joshi, Head - Business HR (Online Business), Makemy
    Bikram Ajjan, Head Human Resources, Aristocrat Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
    Chanchal Chandiok, HR Director, Rave Technologies – A Northgate Public Services Company
    Chandrasekhar Chenniappan, Head of Human Resources - India, Atmel Corporation
    Dr. David Almeda, SVP, Chief People Officer, Kronos, Inc
    Deivasigamani, Vice President HR, Kaar Technologies
    Dharmendra Jain, CFO & Head - HR, Yash Technologies
    Dinesh Kumar T. K, Director - Human Resources , Aspire Systems
    Elton Sorilla, Department Head - Recruitment and Training, Assurant BPO Solutions Inc
    Md. Faisal Imtiaz Khan, HR Business Partnering | People & Corporate, Robi Axiata Limited Bangladesh
    Gaurav Hirey, Chief Human Resources Officer - Africa , Middle East & Asia Pacific, MilwardBrwon
    Grace Wong, Vice President / Regional Head of HR, Samsung Asia Private Limited
    Harinikaa Kidambi, Head HR- Talent Engagement and Communications, Hitachi Consulting
    Hema Mani, Director - Human Resources, Lennox India Technology Centre & Lennox Asia Sourcing
    Ivy Saldanha, Director Human Resources, Actuant Corporation
    Jill Flanagan, Head Cloud HCM, SAP Success Factors
    Jude Xavier, Senior Director & Head – Human Resources, Technosoft Global Services Pvt Ltd
    Keyuri Singh, Vice President - Human Resources, Infogain
    Karuna Vempala, Director- Global Talent Acquisition (Practicing Head for Global TAG), Cigniti Technologies
    Kasturi Cotha, Head of Human Resources, Danske IT & Support  Services
    Kaushik Ghosh, Chief People Officer, Thought Works
    Kevin Freitas, HR Leader, Inmobi
    Kishore Kumar, Head – Human Resource, Prorigo Software Private Limited
    Komal Somani, Chief People Officer, ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. 
    Mandy Escanlar, Head of Human Resources, KMC Solutions
    Monarch Limaye, Sr. Director - Human Resources, Software AG
    Nadiah Tan Abdullah, Divisional General Manager Group HR, SP Setia
    Naganagouda HR Transformation Leader, Global Edge Software Limited
    Nagraj Shriyan, EX- Cisco HR Leader, Independent
    Nidhi Das, APAC GEO HR Leader - Employee Relations & Experience, Autodesk Singapore
    Nitesh Shahi, Head HR & Ops APAC, Arista Networks
    Paneesh Rao, Chief Human Resources Officer, L&T Technology Services Limited
    Peter Cherian, Director of HR, Hexagon Capability Center
    Pradeep Janardhanan, Head Capability Development, AIG Data Solutions
    Praveen Kumar Singh, Vice President - Human Resources, QX Limited
    Puneet Khurana, Group VP & Head - HR, Training & Admin,
    Ranjith Menon, Vice President - Human Resource, Siemens AG Germany
    Renu Ganotra, Director - Human Resources, Infor india
    Renu Gupta, Director - Human Resources, Winshuttle Software India Pvt Ltd
    Richard Lobo, Senior Vice President & Head Human Resources, Infosys India
    Rohit Hasteer, Chief Human Resources Officer, PropTiger
    Sachidanand Kulkarni, VP HR & Culture, Webonise Lab, Pune
    Sampatkumar B Aratti, Vice President : Head of HR & IT, Lapp India Pvt Ltd
    Sandhya Mohanan, Sr.General Manager- Human Resources, Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Sandyp Bhattacharya, Head HR & SVP - Management Services. Co-Founder PalmLeaf, Mahindra Comviva
    Sangeetha Ponnappa, AVP Recruitment, EMIDS
    Sanjay Sahni, Vice President-Human Resources, Motif India Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
    Sanjeev Agrawal, Vice President – Operations & Human Empowerment, Impetus Software
    Santanu Ghoshal, Vice President – Human Resources, Schaeffler India
    Saurabh Nigam, Vice President | Human Resources, Snapdeal
    Shazmi Ali, Director - Human Resources, Pfizer
    Shefali Mohapatra, Chief People Officer, Atria Convergence Technologies
    Shweta Srivastava, Head of Talent Acquisition, Indus Towers Limited
    Sonali De Sarker, Director Human Resources, NetApp
    Subhashini Sriram, Head - Human Resources, Unisys India
    Swetha Rao, Manager - Organization Development & Talent Management, Narayana Health Ltd.
    Tim Ekandjo, Chief HR, MTC Namibia
    Vandana Sharma, Chief People Officer,
    Vikram kallianpur, Vice President - Human Resources, KONY
    Vishal Chhiber, VP – Human Resources, EmerioGlobeSoftPte. Ltd Singapore
    Vishnu Iruvanti, Head - Talent Acquisition, Ola Cabs
    Vishwajith A​, Director - HR & Admin​, Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd​


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